Dharma Eco-Friendly Bag (PDF)

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This is a DIGITAL (PDF downloadable) pattern.

Going green never looked so good! The Dharma Eco-Friendly Bag is easy to sew and conveniently folds into its own pocket making it a cinch to take with you to the market, throw in a stroller or even a suitcase when traveling. Offered in three sizes, these bags will actually “nest” inside each other once folded up.

The complete PDF pattern file is 11 pages. The first 5 pages include complete pattern instructions with hand drawn illustrations and a full color photo gallery of the finished bag samples. The remaining 6 pages make up the Pattern Sheet, which is tiled and ready to be taped together for easy use, OR use the included large format pattern sheet to print at a specialty copy shop, eliminating the need to tape pieces together.

 Dimensions (not including handles):

Large: 16”W x 18”H x 7.5” D

Medium: 13”W x 14.5”H x 7.5”D

Small: 10”W x 11”H x 5.5”D

 See our FAQ page for more information regarding bag hardware and stabilizers.

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