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Fashion Formula Skirts, Volume 3 (PDF)

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This is a DIGITAL (PDF downloadable) pattern; click here for the paper pattern version of this design.

Fashion Formula Skirts Vol. 3 features one 12 panel skirt, 12 different ways!

Third time's the charm! In our third Fashion Formula Skirt booklet, one 12 panel skirt design is fully explored. All 12 skirts are created using the same panel shape with different details added to give you twelve different looks....a 12 panel skirt to the power of 12!

As always, this collection of simple-to-sew skirts is based on mathematical formulas. No worries! All the math has been worked out..... & no pattern pieces required! Multiple variations and lengths, detailed instructions, and illustrations are provided for each design variation. These flattering skirts will accommodate hip sizes 34-50 inches.

This pattern is 32 half pages. Printing can be completed with two pages per sheet by setting your pdf printer application to the "multiple page" setting.